Christmas for this year has come and gone. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that 2014 was a good year.
Christmas in our home was a blessed and happy time with family and many friends. It is a Christmas that we’ll remember for many years to come. The blessings came in different ways this year with family and friends that were at our house on Christmas Eve. This included a friend of Hannah’s, Luka Rein from Austria, and his friend from Germany, Micha Ianniello; both spending Christmas with us. We served six breakfasts from 6:30-10:30 on Christmas morning…it was fun! Then a big Christmas dinner at the Munson’s at 2:00 PM.
We cannot forget the true meaning of Christmas; it is a matter of life or death. Every one born into this world will die some day. Some will die of natural causes, some from accidents, etc.. Some will die as honored heroes and some with dishonor. Our Jesus died an untimely death: not because of what He did but of what you and I have done. He died for us all.
We have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Man can die because of his sins, but not for his sin. Jesus died so we could be forgiven and have the wonderful gift of eternal life. Every gift we give at Christmas time should be given with a thankful heart of love because of God’s gift to us.
It is good to exchange gifts between family and friends, but we should also try to give something to someone we do not know or someone needy. God in turn blesses us when we give these kinds of gifts.

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