What a Wonderful Word! Even better than that it is a wonderful gift! Children are excited on Christmas when they get up to see how many gifts there are under the tree that have their name on them. Then, what is in each gift. With great excitement they open each one, usually they open the biggest one first; or the one from Dad and Mom because Dad and Mom are more likely to get for them what they really want the most and have begged for it all year.

Jesus was sent to this earth as a gift. All babies are a gift to someone. They come so small and delicate and need much time and care for many years. The gifts bestowed in a baby are not revealed until they get older. Every great man or woman came to this world as a baby.
Jesus came into our world like any other person. In this bundle of joy (Jesus) were many gifts: one was PEACE…something that this world today is seeking after. If only the leaders of every nation would accept Him—all He has to offer them is peace in this troubled world.
The peace that Jesus has to give us is:
✶ Individual peace for everyone born here.
✶ Peace of mind in our souls that gives us rest in our bodies so we can enjoy life and sleep good at night.
✶ Peace between people. The Sermon on the Mount tells us how this is done. He told us how to do it and said He would help us by sending the gift of the Holy Spirit, ‘the Spirit of Truth’. So let’s receive this gift of peace in our lives and with our friends and even our enemies.“

There are many great churches in LaSalle, Illinois!!!

Abundant Life Fellowship. Click here for more. – La Salle Church

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