I believe in Miracles.

I believe Miracles are for me now…today.

I believe in the power of the Blood of Jesus.

I believe in the Authority of the Name of Jesus.

I believe in God’s love for me. He placed that love in me to show forth His Glory.

I believe it.


I speak to the mountain.

I decree my miracle now…today.

I believe God has a great destiny for me.

I now receive my miracle by the Power of the Blood, the Power of the Resurrection of my Lord and Savior…Jesus.

I receive now the Authority of the name of Jesus for my miracles.


I Receive. I Receive. I Receive. I Receive.


By the Power of the Blood and Authority of the Name of Jesus I rebuke satan and I decree his defeat in my life.


From this day forward I decree the miracle working power of God in my life and I receive it now.


I will no longer be denied. I repent of unbelief and doubt and I am the child of God. His miracles in my life are a testimony of His love for me and I receive them now.


It will be done because I receive them now.

Come, Lord Jesus, fill me now with You. Let me now be the walking, living, proof of Your mighty love that can move every mountain.


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