We are in a time with many new inventions, especially in technology. They are

working on making cars with no steering wheels; you program them to where your

destination is and set back and relax!

Man can make a lot of changes in the things that he invents: music changes;

as new things come into being our thinking can even change. God says in His

word, “I change not.” Because He is God and always was and will be God—He is

truth, perfect, and cannot change. If He did it would make Him less than what He is


God himself did not change when He gave Moses the Law…the ’Ten

Commandments’. He just reveals to us more of His character and will for us and

His ways. It was the same when Jesus came to the earth. The Law was good, but

Jesus came to fulfill the Law and give two new ones. They are: ‘love God with all of

our body, soul, mind and strength’ and to ‘love our neighbor as ourselves’.

God first loved us and showed it to us by sending Jesus to die for our sin,

then empowered us through the infilling of the Holy Spirit. All our New Year’s

resolutions should be based on love and with the intention of showing it and

letting our light shine before men that they will see our good works that glorify


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