What is the true heart of a warrior? Is it bravery? Is it passion? Is it power? Is the purest characteristic of a true warrior his endurance or his strength? Is it his readiness to go into battle at any moment or in his ability to turn off emotion and focus on the mission? Is the defining element of a great champion simply his aggressiveness, his lethal nature, or his love for a good fight? Does not the very name ‘warrior’ imply that he is someone whose life is characterized by war?

No! The pure heart of a warrior is absolutely not a heart that loves war! It is, in fact, a heart that loves peace and is willing to do anything to provide and to preserve it. This is the heart that we honor on Memorial Day as we remember the soldiers that have fallen so that we can have peace here in the Homeland. This heart is also, of course, the heart that is seen most clearly in our precious Lord and Savior when He gave His life for us! And it is the heart that God is calling us to have in this world. Let us pick up our spiritual armor and fight for peace in our lives, in our families, in our church and in our world!



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